Karen McCrimmon


As a mother, I want my children and all our children to have the same kind of Canada that I was fortunate enough to grow up in. The kind of Canada created by all Canadians in partnership with visionary Liberal governments. A country of strong and healthy communities where:
  • People can retire comfortably without the fear of poverty,
  • Quality healthcare and housing are available and accessible,
  • An innovative and inclusive economy creates value-added, middle income jobs that provide a quality of life that made us #1 in the world in the past. (We are now #11),
  • Everyone has an equal opportunity to build a life of contribution and dignity
  • Protecting a healthy environment is a key consideration in decision-making
  • People know that their ideas matter and that their voices are being heard
  • Open, transparent and accountable governance empowers people.


  • That most of the success we have enjoyed as a nation has been achieved through mutual respect, cooperation and dialogue. The use of power and force should be a last resort,
  • Forward thinking governments create partnerships with citizen groups and other levels of government to solve complex problems and create the kind of country and community we want,
  • Fiscal responsibility gives people and nations options and choices. Debt takes those options away.


  • As your elected representative, I will serve all the people of this riding, not just those who vote for me and I will be accountable to the people of Kanata-Carleton at all times, not just during elections or through quarterly mail-outs.
  • A personal priority for me is to ensure that I am accessible and responsive to the community. I will be active and visible…listening and learning. I will host community discussions and attend community events so people will see participatory democracy in action.
  • I will bring my experience, passion and skills to serve the people of Kanata-Carleton and our country as a whole.